Black on Black Solar In A Nutshell

black on black

In this post, we will break down what Black on Black Solar is and how it works. The key information that you should know moving forward is that all of the solar solutions we offer all work in the same way. Now, let’s break down everything you need to know about Black on Black Solar before you Make The Switch!

What is Black on Black?

A Black on Black Solar System is a series of individual solar cells linked together to become a larger unit that will produce 100% renewable solar energy. The panels are custom cut for your roof size/shape as well as to meet your energy needs. Having too many panels would be a waste, and not having enough wouldn’t generate the amount of energy to meet demands. Sleek and dark solar panels are used in a Black on Black Solar System which looks stunning on any roof. Black on Black panels function slightly less efficiently than a classic system, and that is why a Black on Black Solar System costs about 15-20% more. You will still get the energy you need and have a beautiful roof at a slightly higher cost. The Black on Black Solar System enables you to be energy independent as well as drastically cut back on your monthly electricity bill which will save you thousands of dollars.  

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