Campanale Homes Has Partnered With Switch Energy

Christian Campanale, Tim Campanale, Jed, Tony Campanale

The first partnership between Switch Energy and an established home-builder has recently been signed and we are very excited to tell you all about it! Switch Energy has partnered with long-time home-builder Campanale Homes. This partnership will enable more homeowners in the Ottawa Valley area to purchase a home that not only has a solar system on the roof but also has energy efficient systems to make the homes eco-friendly and to save the homeowner thousands of dollars over the course of owning a Campanale Home.


Switch Energy and Campanale Homes have agreed to have Switch Energy install a solar system onto a demo home being built by Campanale in the Arnprior area. The demo home already has the latest energy efficient systems built into it and a top of the line solar system will complement the home very nicely. The solar system is expected to be installed in a couple of months, so stay tuned for some awesome videos and photos!


The Campanale Group launched over 38 years ago by founding brothers Rocco, Tony, and Vince. Driven by a shared vision and desire to bring exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes of varying sizes and styles, Campanale has grown into a full-service organization that can meet any estate needs. Campanale is built largely on the consistent ability to give customers exactly what they want and need through customization to specific lifestyles and innovative building techniques/efficiencies that can only be learned through years of experience. Campanale builds homes that will stand the test of time. They have developed some of the region’s most desirable communities including The Hunt Club Classics, the Forest of Carson Village, The Gates of Longfields, Woodroffe Walk, Steel Street Place, King George’s Gate, Stonehenge, and Riverwood – to name a few. Campanale has won design awards in the following build categories: townhomes, terrace homes, condo apartments, semi-detached, two-storey singles, and bungalows.
These homes have proven to be excellent investments for customers and properties that have enjoyed resale prices that match or exceed the average marketplace values for homes of comparable size in the area.


By partnering with Switch Energy, Campanale Homes is setting a new standard for homes in the 21st century. Smart homes and energy efficient homes are no longer science fiction. Back To The Future homes are happening right now… but still no word on time travelling Deloreans. Campanale is already leading the way in better affordable energy efficient homes, and now Campanale will be leading the way in solar panel integration.
To learn more about Campanale Homes, check out their website here

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