Classic Solar? Black on Black? Solar Shingles? What’s the difference?

The Paradox of Choice is when you have too many options to choose from and because of that, you are unable to make a decision. When it comes to Making The Switch, the Paradox of Choice might feel like a factor, so we will decipher the difference between all the solar options that we offer to help you make the right decision.

classic solar

Classic Rooftop Solar

Classic Rooftop Solar is the most common and widely used type of solar cell. To describe is quite simple: a series of small wafer-based blue PV cells placed onto a single panel. In order to meet your energy needs, several of these PV panels are placed on your home or on your property and are pointed toward South for maximum sun exposure. This how a Classic Rooftop Solar works in a nutshell.

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black on black solar

Black on Black Solar

There are two key differences between a Black on Black Solar System and a Classic Rooftop Solar System. The first one is aesthetic; a Black on Black System looks very beautiful on top of a roof. On a Black on Black System, the wafer-based PV cells are solid black instead of blue. The second difference is that they don’t perform quite as well as a Classic Solar System. Overall the cost of a Black on Black Solar System is more expensive than a Classic Rooftop System. Black on Black solar is more aesthetically pleasing than a Classic System but will cost more.

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solar shingles

Solar Shingles

You have no doubt heard about this one because of Elon Musk and Solarcity. Solar Shingles are thinner and smaller PV cells moulded into rooftop shingles instead of panels. Not only are the solar cells difficult to spot, but they arguably look nicer than traditional rooftop shingles. Because the Shingles are smaller, they do not perform as well as a Classic System, and because of that, they will cost significantly more traditional solar system.

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