Top 10 Benefits of Going Solar

top 10 benefits of going solar


Why rent when you can buy? It’s something we have all heard when it comes to real estate, and the same question should be asked when it comes to energy. No matter where you live paying for energy can be very expensive. This is because you are renting your energy from your local utility company, and their energy sources are often large, far away, outdated, and expensive to maintain. By switching to solar you will own your source of energy instead of having to rent it from your utility company. Exactly like a home, owning is better than renting.


To add to the previous point of owning your energy, you will save thousands of dollars by switching to solar. When you Make The Switch, you can drastically reduce your monthly electricity bill – which in the long run will save you thousands of dollars. With government incentives like Net Metering, you can reduce your monthly electricity bill by up to 90%. With a variety of affordable financing options put in place, you can easily pay off your solar system in 7-10 years and soon after you will start earning money off your solar system. By simply eliminating a monthly expense, you can save you thousands of dollars because you are owning your energy instead of renting it.


As it’s known, a solar system gathers UV rays from the sun and then converts those rays into usable energy. What’s great about this? The sun isn’t going to run out of fuel for about 4 billion years. So, the energy that a solar system gathers is essentially unlimited and gets renewed every single day. Solar is much more sustainable than oil, coal, or gas because all these resources are much more finite than the sun’s supply of hydrogen. Solar is also much more reliable as an energy source than nuclear or coal because it sits on your roof. When power lines go down it usually results in thousands of people going without power for hours and sometimes days, but when you have a solar system, you don’t need to rely on the grid, so the next time there is a blackout you can still turn and keep the lights on.


You can easily use solar as the charging source of your home battery. Whether it’s a Tesla Powerwall or a Sonnenbatterie, a PV solar system integrates very well with large batteries. You can charge the battery while you are out during the day and use the energy stored later in the evening when you get home. It’s very efficient and very reliable.  


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, and that means that there is a greater demand for energy to charge them. If you own an electric vehicle, a PV solar system is the most efficient and reliable way to charge it at home. While there are more charging stations being built every day, it’s best to make your home the go-to charging station for your electric vehicle, and there is no better way to do that than by switching to solar. During the daytime, let your solar panels do their job, equip a battery to store the energy and then charge your EV when you get home so you can be ready for your next adventure.


This may come as no surprise to most people, and it is very true. A PV solar system is, of course, a green and renewable energy source. But there is another less known benefit of switching to solar that is more about a lack of action. When you Make The Switch, you no longer need to rely on the out of date energy sources being used today. Adding solar panels on your roof means that a coal plant has to burn a little less coal to meet demand. So, you produce green energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels at the same time. A positive increases, and a negative decreases, win-win.


So, you go to the beach and forget to put on sunscreen which results in a nasty sunburn, ouch. You go outside for a festival and it starts to rain, but you forget your raincoat and get soaked, no fun. After a long day at the office, you walk to the bus stop and it starts snowing, but you’re wearing dress shoes, bummer. These things may not be an everyday nuisance, but if you ask your roof you would get a different answer. Every day your roof is hit with either UV rays from the sun, rained on or snowed on. This takes a toll on your roof resulting in damage and shingles needing to be replaced. By simply switching to solar, the panels act as a protective layer for your roof by not allowing the elements to make the same amount of contact, which extends the lifespan of your roof. There is a misconception that solar panels can damage rooftops and this couldn’t be more wrong. Solar panels are the sunscreen, raincoat, and pair of winter boots for your roof. 


Going off grid is easier now than it ever has been. With smaller and better solar cells, batteries, and energy efficient systems, going off grid is a viable option for those who live in rural areas with more land than in suburban neighbourhoods. As mentioned before, you can let your solar system charge some home batteries during the day and then use the energy throughout the evening. You will no longer have to deal with blackouts and high electricity fees when you go off grid with solar.


Having a smart home in 2018 is like in the first Iron Man movie in which Tony Stark has an artificial intelligence system, Jarvis, running his home. Everything is automated and can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, the fridge can notify when you need milk or eggs, and the appliances are super energy efficient. With all these smart appliances, why wouldn’t you want a smart energy source that provides you with clean and abundant energy? You live in a smart home after all, not a dumb home.


When you Make The Switch to Solar with Switch Energy, your purchase will help a developing community in need of electricity. One percent of the revenue from each sale is allocated to our Watt For Watt foundation. Watt For Watt specializes in unlocking affordable clean energy for the rising billion. Watt For Watt works with local nonprofits to help provide solar energy to communities that do not have access to reliable electricity. 

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