How Much Electricity Are You REALLY Losing?

The process it takes to get electricity from the power plant to your home is probably more complicated than you think. The energy that is generated has to go through a series of steps before it is transmitted from these power plants to the outlets in your home. But how much of that electricity are you actually getting and how much of it end up being lost along the way?

The Three Stages Of Electricity

There are three majors steps that power has to go through in order reach your home: Electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Since most people prefer not to live right next door to power plants (and for good reason!), electricity usually must travel long distances to reach your neighborhood. This process is called transmission; where electricity gets sent down long-distance, high-voltage power lines to reach their destination. After the power reaches your neighborhood, the power is then distributed to individual homes. The problem with this, however, is that electricity is surely going to get lost along the way. How much you may ask? Approximately 8-15 % of the power generated get lost in the transmission and distribution process.

What Does This All Mean For You?

What does this mean for you as a consumer of electricity? It means that you’re paying for more electricity than you are actually receiving. An economical way to solve this issue, and to capitalize on the amount of energy you use as well as your financial investments, is by generating energy in your own home. Installing solar panels on your home will not only allow you to generate your own electricity, but you can also completely avoid energy losses by producing it at or near the location in which it is used. You will no longer be paying for the electricity that is lost through transmission and distribution. In addition to that, energy is lost at an even quicker rate when it is used during peak hours. So, when you Make The Switch to solar, that’s another issue you won’t have to worry about!  

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