The 2019 CHEO Dream Home is Powered by Solar!

2019 Net-Zero CHEO Dream Home

Switch Energy partnered up with Minto Communities to make the 2019 CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Home fully net-zero! The 4500+ square foot house boasts an impressive 16.9 kWh rooftop solar panel system which allows the Home to be completely powered by solar energy all year round. We are incredibly proud to be part of such a meaningful project within the Ottawa community.

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Learn all about the net-zero CHEO Dream Home, the benefits of switching to solar, and check out the official gallery for more pictures of this amazing project.

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Why Net-Zero ?

As a net-zero home powered by solar energy, the CHEO Dream Home will produce as much clean energy as it consumes. The home will be up to 80 percent more energy efficient than a typical household and will provide exceptional value and comfort to the home owner:

  • The home owner will be protected against future increases in electricity costs and save thousands of dollars on utility bills over time
  • The home owner will no longer have to worry about using energy during peak use hours
  • Net-zero homes are built with higher standards than conventional homes. This means that the home owner will get to enjoy a home that is more durable and better insulated
  • A net-zero home will also minimize the household’s environmental footprint, allowing the home owner to do their part in fighting against climate change

CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Home

The Dream Home is the grand prize for the CHEO Foundation’s Dream of a Lifetime annual lottery. In addition to this, the grand prize also consists of other prizes, such as an EV, cash prizes, and many others. Tickets are on sale now! Purchase your tickets to enter the draw.  Proceeds from ticket sales go directly to help support the CHEO Foundation.

Net-zero homes are at the forefront of environmental sustainability. To learn more about the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Home lottery, click here. To learn more about net-zero homes in Canada, click here.

Interested in Making The Switch to clean, renewable energy? We make going solar easy!

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