Our Story

Switch Energy is an Ontario solar company founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with a passion for energy equality. We understand that the most basic things in life require electricity. In fact, our whole lives revolve around it. This is why it is so important to us that everyone has access to clean reliable energy – and the sun is our greatest resource! With our amazing team working together towards one goal, we set out to unlock abundant solar energy for all of humanity.
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Our Mission

Due to our current political climate, home and business owners have had to rely on an outdated energy system. In addition to this system costing too much, it also has negative effects on the environment and gives no alternative to the consumer. In fact, most people don’t even realize that they can choose where their energy comes from. This is why we made it our mission to enable home and business owners to become energy independent with solar energy.

Our Method

Switch Energy offers affordable solar solutions to home and business owners who want to take control of their energy. We achieve this by offering a variety of custom solar systems for both residential and commercial projects. Our solar systems are designed to meet your energy needs, increase the value of your property, and help you become more environmentally sustainable. Most importantly, you will own your energy, save money, and help communities experiencing energy poverty.
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Switch Co-Founders

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Sales Team

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Operations Team

Marketing Team

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More About Switch

Corporate Social Responsibility

Director of Watt for Watt
A report published in 2017 by the International Energy Agency estimated that over 1.1 billion people on Earth were living without electricity. Amazingly, in 2018 that number dropped below 1 billion the first time in human history as a result of international efforts. However, while significant progress is being made, the number of people still living without access to clean reliable energy is unacceptable.
In light of this global issue, we created the Watt For Watt initiative to help those living in energy poverty. A portion of every sale made by Switch Energy will go towards renewable energy initiatives in developing nations and within Canada. If you would like to contribute to our Watt For Watt initiative, check out our official Watt For Watt page to learn more.

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