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At Switch Energy, we set out to unlock abundant solar energy for humanity. We understand that the most basic things in life require energy, and right now there are more than 1 billion people on Earth who do not have reliable access to electricity, this is simply unacceptable. These people are known as the rising billion and every day we strive to bring clean energy to them.

Our mission is to enable home and business owners to become energy independent with solarFor too many years home and business owners have had to rely on an outdated energy system with finite resources that costs too much, has negative effects on the environment, and gives no voice or alternative to the consumer. 

Switch Energy offers affordable solar solutions to home and business owners who want to Make The Switch to take control of their energy with solar. We offer a variety of customer solar systems that are designed to meet your energy needs, increase the value of your property, save you money, and be more environmentally sustainable. When you go solar with us, you will own your energy and help communities in experiencing energy poverty.

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