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Meet Forrest Vetter-Wilson


Forrest Vetter-Wilson


Email: | Phone: 1-(613)-686-3129 ext 100

Our Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Forrest Vetter-Wilson is a young and extremely intelligent entrepreneur. Forrest oversees most business operations for Switch Energy. These operations include the sales process, company workflow, hiring, and the logistics side of Switch Energy. Switch Energy isn’t the first business he has founded. When Forrest was 18 he started his own printing and labeling company called CleverPrint which he still owns and operates to this day! He began to work at the age of 14 working multiple jobs that built his skill set in many ways. Even today Forrest always takes on new tasks that will challenge and build his skill set. As impressive as his skills are, his hard work and effort always exceed expectations. Forrest enjoys riding his bike through the Gatineau trails.

FUN FACT: Forrest has been vegan ever since he was born!