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Jessica is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Switch Energy. Her passion for the environment and love for creation has led to her to become a valuable member of the Switch marketing department.

Clean Tech Trends You Should Expect in 2019


Clean Tech Trends You Should Expect In 2019 Last year was a great year for the clean tech sector. We saw tremendous growth in the renewable energy industry when the cost of solar continued to plummet which, in turn, sparked the growth of energy storage and other green complementary green products. California, the 5th largest economy in the world, committed to a 100% carbon-free power sector by 2045, and we are seeing an even higher increase of adoption in [...]

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Solar In The Winter


Solar In The Winter Welcome to the last and final part of our Winter Solar Series! These past three weeks we’ve been busting some myths about solar in the winter time. If you’ve been with us since the beginning then you know that going solar during the coldest, darkest and snowiest season of the year is actually worth it! WINTER RECAP Here’s a quick recap of what we know so far: The cold has no negative effect on solar [...]

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Solar In The Dark


Solar In The Dark Another week, another addition to our Winter Solar Series! This is part 3 of our solar series and we will be diving into how shorter winter days and fewer sunlight hours affect your solar production. But first, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out last week’s blog post about solar versus snow here. In The Dark As explained in part 1 of our solar series, solar panels don’t convert heat into [...]

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Solar Under Snow


Solar Panels VS Snow Welcome back to the second part of our Winter Solar Series! If you missed last week’s post, we discussed how the cold affects solar panel production. (Spoiler: The cold is actually a good thing!) Check out that post here if you haven’t already. Heavy Snowfall So now that we know that the cold actually benefits solar production, what about snow? Can solar panels produce energy under heavy snowfall? The quick and simple answer to this [...]

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Solar Panels VS The Cold


Solar Panels VS The Cold Welcome to the first post of our 4 part Winter Solar series! Each week we will be busting some myths about solar panels in the winter time. This week’s topic: How do solar panels perform in the cold? Extreme Temperatures Canada is known as the Great White North, and for good reason. We have long, cold ,dark and snowy winters for a large portion of the year. And in some cities, such as Ottawa, [...]

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Reduced Work Hours Benefit The Environment


Reduced Work Hours Benefit The Environment It may seem counter intuitive – how can less time spent at work increase productivity and output? The answer is simple. When workers have a better work-life balance, they tend to feel less stressed, are happier overall, have a boosted morale and increased willingness to commit to work standards. The Shorter Work Week An experiment conducted by a New Zealand firm resulted in an unmitigated success when they implemented their four-day work week. [...]

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More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution


More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution This notion may be surprising to a lot of people, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Think about it this way: when you have a sink that is overflowing with water, your first solution is not to clean up the water that has already overflowed, it is to turn off the faucet. Given this, while recycling efforts are definitely needed, the real solution to solving the global plastic crisis is to actually to [...]

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4 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly This Fall


4 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly This Fall BACK TO SCHOOL Back to school is always an exciting time of the year! While the kids are out of the house learning and growing, there are a lot of opportunities to be sustainable! For example, pack your kids’ lunches in reusable containers and ditch the plastic sandwich bags and cutlery – you don’t need them! Also, take advantage of the local bus system instead of driving your kids to school [...]

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Renewable Energy Has More Economic Benefits Than You Know


Renewable Energy Has More Economic Benefits Than You Know We all know that renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are good for the environment. But did you know that investing in renewable energy boosts the economy as well? The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly and there's no better time to make the switch than now. An article written by Jake Richardson highlights some key benefits of investing in renewables:  "Jobs, jobs, jobs! The first point is that there are a [...]

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Why Gender Equality is Crucial for Climate Action


Why Gender Equality is Crucial for Climate Action Climate change is a global issue and its effects can be felt in every corner of the Earth; however, it is clear that these effects are felt more potently in some areas than others. Unfortunately, while industrialized countries (such as Canada and the US) contribute the most to climate change, developing countries and island nations are the ones who feel the brunt of its consequences the most. Women in particular are especially [...]

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