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Jessica is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Switch Energy. Her passion for the environment and love for creation has led to her to become a valuable member of the Switch marketing department.

How Much Electricity Are You REALLY Losing?


How Much Electricity Are You REALLY Losing? The process it takes to get electricity from the power plant to your home is probably more complicated than you think. The energy that is generated has to go through a series of steps before it is transmitted from these power plants to the outlets in your home. But how much of that electricity are you actually getting and how much of it end up being lost along the way? The Three [...]

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Is Solar Good For Your Business?


Is Solar Good For Your Business? When it comes to switching to solar energy, most people may think of residential solar or Fortune500 companies Making The Switch. However, solar technology has become so efficient and affordable that businesses of all shapes and sizes can switch to solar. If you own a small, medium, or large business it is a smart business decision to Make The Switch to Solar. Listed below are some of the benefits of going solar.  Solar [...]

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10 Pros and Cons of Going Solar


10 Pros and Cons of Going Solar Choosing to go solar is a very personal and financial decision - it's a big investment! Although at Switch, we believe solar energy is one of the best investments you can make (for yourself and the planet), so we've composed a list of 10 pros and cons of solar energy to help you decide if Making The Switch is the right choice for you! Check it out! 1. Stop renting your [...]

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  • How do solar panels affect my roof

How Do Solar Panels Affect My Roof?


The most frequently asked questions we receive from homeowners considering Making The Switch to solar are: 'how do solar panels affect the structural integrity of my roof? Will the panels cause leakage? Do they damage my roof in any way? What if my roof needs to be replaced?'. These are all legitimate questions and we’re here to provide some answers so you can feel more confident about your decision. SOLAR PROTECTS YOUR ROOF Your roof is constantly being hit by wind, rain, snow, [...]

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