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Solar Panels During The Winter


Solar Panels During The Winter Ah yes, good old Canadian winters! They make the weather in The Day After Tomorrow seem like a nice Spring day. Temperatures that reach lower than - 40 degrees Celsius, freezing rain, 2.5 + metres of snow, salt everywhere and people completely forgetting how to drive when it snows less than a centimetre are all part of Canadian winters. So with all this, are solar panels worth having especially during Canadian winters? The answer is a surprisingly [...]

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Top 10 Benefits of Switching to Solar


OWN YOUR ENERGY Why rent when you can buy? It’s something we have all heard when it comes to real estate, and the same question should be asked when it comes to energy. No matter where you live paying for energy can be very expensive. This is because you are renting your energy from your local utility company, and their energy sources are often large, far away, outdated, and expensive to maintain. By switching to solar you will own your [...]

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Solar Shingles In A Nutshell


Solar Shingles In A Nutshell Ah yes, Solar Shingles! The solar saviour that was made popular by Elon Musk! So they're just shingles that have solar cells in them right? Great, that's it! Well, yes, although that is a good summary, there are so many more components about Solar Shingles that make them a great way to Make The Switch to Solar Energy than just that!  What Are Solar Shingles? Simply put, Solar Shingles are roof shingles that [...]

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Black on Black Solar In A Nutshell


Black on Black Solar In A Nutshell In this post, we will break down what Black on Black Solar is and how it works. The key information that you should know moving forward is that all of the solar solutions we offer all work in the same way. Now, let's break down everything you need to know about Black on Black Solar before you Make The Switch! What is Black on Black? A Black on Black Solar System is a [...]

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Classic Rooftop Solar System In A Nutshell


Classic Rooftop Solar In A Nutshell Interested in learning more about the Classic Rooftop Solar System? You came to the right place! In this post, we are going to break down what exactly a Classic Rooftop Solar System is and how it works. We have also created 2 other posts informing you on Black on Black Solar, and Solar Shingles. One fact remains the same across all 3 systems that we offer you, all of these solar solutions can [...]

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Benefits of Net Metering


Benefits of Net Metering WHAT IS NET METERING? In a nutshell, the Net Metering program in Ontario is a provincial government incentive for homeowners who generate their own electricity with renewable energy sources (wind, water, solar etc.). This incentive allows homeowners to send any surplus of electricity they produce into the grid in exchange for Grid Credits. Grid Credits are used to offset future electricity costs from the local utility company during low generation periods. For example, if you [...]

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Classic Solar? Black on Black? Solar Shingles? What’s the difference?


The Paradox of Choice is when you have too many options to choose from and because of that, you are unable to make a decision. When it comes to Making The Switch, the Paradox of Choice might feel like a factor, so we will decipher the difference between all the solar options that we offer to help you make the right decision. Classic Rooftop Solar Classic Rooftop Solar is the most common and widely used type of [...]

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Campanale Homes Has Partnered With Switch Energy


Campanale Homes Has Partnered With Switch Energy The first partnership between Switch Energy and an established home-builder has recently been signed and we are very excited to tell you all about it! Switch Energy has partnered with long-time home-builder Campanale Homes. This partnership will enable more homeowners in the Ottawa Valley area to purchase a home that not only has a solar system on the roof but also has energy efficient systems to make the homes eco-friendly and to save [...]

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