Meet Julia Kolotylo




“Switch Energy this is Julia” is what you will hear when you call our Executive Assistant, Julia Kolotylo. As Switch Energy’s Executive Assistant, she is responsible for assisting with bookkeeping and client accounts management, overseeing internal communications, and creating organizational systems.
Julia (the J is silent so her name is pronounced “Ulia”) recently finished a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and concentration in Human Resources. Most of Julia’s life, she has lived near or in the wilderness and it greatly disappoints her to see the destruction of forests and nature. By working at Switch Energy, she is having a positive impact on the environment as a whole by helping phase out fossil fuel for renewable energy like solar.
Away from the office, Julia enjoys watching old movies and wandering around the city.
FUN FACT: Julia’s friends call her “The Walker” as she walks a lot in her free time (and even when she does not have free time).