Net Metering

Save money on your monthly hydro expenses by generating your own electricity with solar power 

Ontario Solar Program

Net Metering is a provincial energy program available to home and business owners who want to generate their own electricity with solar energy. The program allows you to save money on your hydro expenses by offsetting your monthly hydro bill with Grid Credits. Grid Credits are carried forward for 12 months and are used to offset future electricity costs during low-production days. 

How Does it Work?

How Net Metering works

Net Metering Eligibility

Following the criteria set out by the Province of Ontario, to qualify for Net Metering you must:

        • generate electricity from a renewable energy source such as solar
        • own or operate the energy system for the purpose of meeting your own electricity needs
        • meet your hydro provider’s technical, safety and inspection requirements
        • get any required environmental approvals and building permits if applicable
        • qualify for grid capacity

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Save money with solar energy

How Does Net Metering Reduce Costs?

The amount you can save with Net Metering is dependent on a variety of different factors: the size of your solar system, the amount of energy your panels produce, and how much energy your home consumes. Fortunately, Switch Energy offers fully customizable solar panel systems that are optimized to meet your unique energy needs. With the cost of electricity going up in Ontario, home owners can save thousands of dollars off their energy bills each year.

No Need For A Battery

One of the most convenient benefits of Net Metering is not needing a battery for your home. Since all excess electricity your panels produce gets sent to the grid, the grid acts as a virtual battery where you can exchange your Grid Credits for future energy use. This system allows you to pull from the electrical grid when your solar panels are not producing enough energy and allows you to save money at the same time.

No need for home battery with Net Metering
Net Metering is Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Net Metering requires little to no maintenance after the installation of your solar system. Since you won’t need a home battery, there are no added physical parts other than the solar panels themselves. Additionally, your Bi-directional meter will keep track of how much energy you send to the grid and how much energy you consume – effectively doing all the work for you.

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