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The Uber/AirBnB of Solar, Powur PBC, acquires crowd sourced leads and connects potential customers with the best quality solar installation company in their area. Powur has recently opened in Canada in addition to the 35 states already housing Powur Advisors. Powur currently specializes in solar panel systems and is preparing to launch a variety of energy conscious and sustainable products.

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SMARTNet Alliance has a vision for a sustainable economy that has environmental sustainability at its core: from renewable energy, renewable transportation, energy efficient/low impact manufacturing processes, and companies that provide fair and well-paying jobs, SMARTNet believes that the future of Canada’s economy will be rooted in a green revolution that is grass roots and that will lead to new and exciting jobs for all. No economy can be sustainable without a strong and prosperous middle class.

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The Campanale Group launched over 38 years ago by founding brothers Rocco, Tony and Vince. Driven by a shared vision and desire to bring exceptional value and traditional craftsmanship to homes of varying sizes and styles, Campanale has grown into a full-service organization that can meet any estate needs. Campanale Homes is Switch Energy’s first Home-Builder partner and Switch is Campanale’s first solar partner making it a huge milestone for both organizations.

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Campanale Homes


As a growing co-operative, OREC strives to play a positive role in Eastern Ontario’s increasingly clean and locally-financed energy landscape. Our 2017 Community Impact Report outlines the social, environmental, and economic benefits made possible through investment in the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative’s community-owned renewable energy projects.

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SolarCoin is a global rewards program for solar electricity generation where §1 SolarCoin represents 1 MWh of solar electricity generation. As a verified solar electricity producer, you can earn SolarCoins for free. 99% of SolarCoin will be given to the solar electricity producers of 97 500 TWh over 40 years. When you Make The Switch you have the option to generate and donate SolarCoin to Watt For Watt to help communities in need.

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During a ceremony at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Park, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, league commissioner Miles Wolff, and local baseball champion David Gourlay were on hand to announce the Ottawa Champions would begin play in 2015. On September 17, 2016 the Ottawa Champions completed a historic comeback, coming back from a two-games-to-none deficit to beat the Rockland Boulders in the Can-Am League finals. Pitcher of the Year Austin Chrismon threw a complete game as the the Champions made history in only their second season.

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Tartan is an Ottawa new home builder that has been building new communities across Canada’s capital for over 50 years. Founded by Wes Nicol in 1966, Tartan rapidly became an Ottawa leader in community development and new home construction. The company’s first projects, The Faircrest and The Highlands, are still regarded as the region’s most successful apartment dwelling developments. It was followed by the company’s leadership in turning Barrhaven into one of the region’s most popular family communities.

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Tartan Homes


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