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Welcome to the Switch Solar Quiz!

Test your solar knowledge by taking the quiz below! 

1. How many Metric Tons of CO2 are offset by the average residential solar system each year?

Every year, an average residential solar system offsets 7 Metric Tons of CO2. In 2016, the United States offset a total of 16.8 million Metric Tons of CO2 from their combined solar effort.

2. Even when installed correctly, solar panels can damage your roof.

When solar panels are installed properly onto a residential roof, they will actually strengthen the roof by reinforcing the structure.

3. Approximately how many people in the world still do not have access to electricity?

There are more than 1 billion people on Earth who still do not have access to reliable electricity.

4. How do solar panels work?

When Ultraviolet radiation from the sun contacts the panels, they knock electrons free from atoms, creating a consistent flow of electricity.

5. In Ontario, the average cost of Hydro expected to increase by how much by the year 2027?

It’s true, over the next decade the cost of Hydro is expected to increase by at least 52 percent in Ontario due to ageing infrastructure.

6. What are the benefits of Net Metering?

There are even more benefits to Net Metering than the ones listed, including that you can save a lot of money.

7. Once installed, solar panels produce zero emissions.

Solar panels are a green and renewable energy source.

8. Solar panels cannot produce electricity in the winter time.

Solar panels still operate just as efficiently during the winter time as summer, however, they generate less energy only as a result of less direct sunlight.

9. Snow melts and slides off solar panels.

Snow that accumulates on solar panels will eventually melt and slide off on its own. This means you don't have to worry about snow in the winter time.

10. Solar panels work the best when they are facing which direction?

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, then having a South facing roof is the best direction. This is because you want your panels to face the equator where the sun’s meridian is.

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