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Classic Rooftop Solar

……Classic solar panel installation on St Vincent De Paul thrift store Ontario classic solar panel installation on RND Construction Ontario Classic solar panel installation on RND Construction Ontario

The Classic Rooftop Solar system is Switch Energy’s most popular product, and for good reason! These panels are custom built for your roof size and shape, and installation can be done in just one day. The Classic System is sourced from the highest quality panels at the best prices, making it the most affordable way to Make The Switch. They also come with a 25-year production warranty, shields your roof from damaging weather, and enables you to be energy independent by saving you thousands of dollars off your Hydro bill!

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Black on Black Solar

..       ….. Black on Black solar panels  ….. Black on Black solar installation on Campanale Homes Ontario

Visually stunning on any roof, the Black on Black solar system is the sleekest way to Make The Switch to solar. Just like the Classic system, Black on Black panels are custom cut to meet your unique roof size and will save you save thousands of dollars off your Hydro bills in the long run. Installation can be done in one day and the system will allow you to become energy independent with a 25-year production warranty.

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