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How well do you know the Switch Energy team? Take the quiz below and learn more about the people behind the solar panels!

1. When was Switch Energy founded?

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In July of 2017, Co-Founders Matthew Britt and Forrest Vetter-Wilson filed Switch Energy as a corporation and opened up shop soon after.

2. Which organization shares office space with Switch Energy in our Ottawa location?

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OREC! Also known as the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative. OREC strives to provide Eastern Ontarians with the chance to diversify their portfolios by investing in renewable energy development. Learn more at orec.ca

3. What is the name of Switch Energy's giving back initiative?

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Watt For Watt is Switch Energy's giving back initiative that works with NGO's and non-profits to unlock affordable solar energy for communities in energy poverty.

4. Which Switch Energy team member is from Ukraine?

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Julia Kolotylo grew up in L'vive Ukraine before moving to Canada in 2013.

5. Where does Switch Energy service customers?

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Switch Energy can enable you to go solar anywhere in Ontario. While most of our customers live in Ottawa and Toronto, we can help you Make The Switch anywhere in the province.

6. Who is Switch Energy's CSO (Chief Sales Officer)?

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Cody Smith is both Switch Energy's CSO and 'Solar Angler' because he is an active fisherman... he's also Maple Leafs fan as he works out of our Toronto office.

7. Who at Switch Energy is an active archer?

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Our Marketing Manager Kevin Whalen has been active archer for more than 3 years now (don't worry, he doesn't hunt) so happy solar games, and may the energy be ever in your favour!

8. Our Senior Sales Associate, Chris Meechan, used to be a professional golfer.

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It is true! Chris used to play professional golf, his focus now is on helping home and business owners Make The Switch.

9. Someone at Switch Energy has the middle name "Luigi", who is it?

Luigi Nintendo Wiki
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That's right, Super Mario's middle name is indeed Luigi. Just when you thought he couldn't get any more Italian than "Mario".

10. There are 2 cat lovers at Switch Energy, who are they?

Ragamuffin cat
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Cory and Jess are the crazy cat people at the Switch office! Cory has 4 and Jessica has 2 cats. Needless to say, they go through a lot of lint rollers.

11. The Switch Energy Ottawa office is located above which local bakery?

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SuzyQ Doughnuts is one of Ottawa's most successful bakery's. They make AMAZING doughnuts and we absolutly love them. We are very lucky to have them as our downstairs neighbours!

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