$0 Down In-House Solar Financing

Solar energy is often associated with high upfront costs that not everyone can afford to pay right away. However, we believe that solar energy should be accessible to everyone! That is why we are so proud to announce that Switch Energy can now offer you in-house solar financing when you Make the Switch to solar with us. Our financing options are easier, faster, and more affordable than ever. Best of all, you can finance your solar panels for as little as $0 down!
Check out the information below to learn more about the two financing options we are currently offering. 

Explore Your Solar Financing Options

Interested in seeing what your payment schedule will look like each month? Use our new finance calculator below to explore your options. Input the total amount you want to get financed, the approximate interest rate (0% for short-term financing and 8.9% for long-term financing), your down payment (enter 0 for $0 down), the term of your loan, and click ‘calculate’.

If you would also like to see how much money you can save with solar panels over time and how large of a system you will need for your home, check our our solar savings calculator

Solar Finance Calculator

Get a free solar quote today!

Once you’ve gotten a better idea as to which financing option is best for you, fill in the form below to get a free quote from one of our Solar Consultants, who will also help you help you apply for capacity to see if you’re qualified for a solar panel system in your area. There has never been a better time to Make the Switch to solar!