Solar Integration

After having IBM conduct a survey of 41 000 individuals, Business Insider found that homes with solar integration sold faster and at higher prices. Another notable finding from this survey also found that 73% of consumers who are intending to, or are in the process of switching to solar, plan on doing so within the next 3 years. The study also found that across the 6 different countries (Japan, America, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain) where it surveyed individuals, solar was a more affordable electricity option than paying for power through utility companies.

The price of solar will only continue to decrease as technology gets better.

Environmental Impact and Cost Savings

The consumers in every country agreed that paying less for electricity was a major factor when deciding on which home to purchase. Some other findings found that homeowners expected the solar system to be paid between 5-12 years, and 70% of businesses interested in solar plan on switching in the next 2 years due to rising electricity costs. The average price for installing a home solar system has gone down 60% since 2009, and the top two reasons for homeowners switching to solar are cost savings and the environment.

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classic solar panels on RND construction headquarters
Solar energy is also a great financial investment for businesses. (Photo of  Switch Energy Solar Panels on RND Construction Office in Ottawa, ON)

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