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Watt For Watt

Unlocking Affordable Clean Energy For The Rising Billion

Watt For Watt


Switch Energy is leading Canadians and the world in adopting abundant, clean, and affordable solar energy for the rising billion. The rising billion are the more than 1 billion people on Earth who do not and will not have reliable access to energy. Watt For Watt’s goal is to provide the rising billion with access to clean and abundant solar energy. A portion of every sale will fund renewable energy initiatives in developing nations and communities. By Making The Switch to Solar with Switch Energy, you directly contribute toward the Watt For Watt initiative and a more sustainable future.


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Help Us Bring Abundant Energy To The Rising Billion

Switch Energy works with several partners and organizations to make Watt For Watt possible. If you would like to get involved with Watt For Watt we will soon be accepting applications for new projects that are seeking assistance with renewable energy production. Stay tuned – an application form will be launched shortly. Your project could soon realized and powered by Watt For Watt!